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Current Projects

This is an overview of some of the projects I have undertaken and am currently working on. Please get in touch if you would like more details of what I do or would like references from any of my clients.



  • Audit of global law firm’s client training, events and engagement programme. Comprising bespoke interviews with 25 global general counsel and report of findings and recommendations.

  • Research and report into market conditions for creation of in-house focused consulting group at global law firm. Project including confidential interviews with a number of global general counsel.

  • Consultancy on development of leadership skills in global in-house team. Extensive interviews with team members culminating in report and subsequent development of workshop and training programme.

  • Consultancy on development of brand of in-house team and creation of strategy to increase brand awareness internally and externally.





  • Creation and delivery of new in-house counsel focused editorial platform for a leading global law firm. Focus on business topics and business of law content.

  • Combined digital content and event strategy for global law firm to increase their relationships with leading global general counsel.

  • 12-month case study and events project for global law firm client: four case studies on how four different US legal teams are creating a more inclusive culture in their own teams and beyond. Project comprises research and writing of 4 x12 thousand-word case studies plus research, content and moderation of four related events for general counsel.

  • Research and report for global law firm and leading private equity fund on inclusion and diversity in the private equity industry.

  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative date from research project and writing of report on changes in the GC role for global law firm.

  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative date from research project and writing of report on key trends in Latin American general counsel roles for global law firm. 

  • Editor-in-Chief for Minority Corporate Counsel Association magazine, Diversity and The Bar.  I did a complete content strategy refresh and redesign of this title to make it relevant and fresh.

  • Content curation and panel and workshop moderation for MCCA conferences.

  • Regular articles for Global Leaders in Law and on key business topics and relevance to general counsel. Assisting editorial team with content for GLL Forums.

  • Delivering regular content for clients on social media.





Creating of training workshops for internal staff and clients for global law firms and in-house teams. 

Subjects include:

  • Building Influence

  • Creating culture change

  • Managing your brand and getting your message across

  • Storytelling and Authenticity in Leadership

  • Getting global perspectives on diversity 

  • Practical approaches to innovation.


Other Events

  • Curating and hosting regular small-scale dinners, breakfasts or meetings for select general counsel for law firm and legal tech clients.

  • Curating and moderating presentations and panels for global law firm partnership meetings.

  • Curating and moderating workshops, seminars and webinars for a range of law firm and legal tech clients.

  • Curating and running workshops for in-house legal team meetings and away days.

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