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Professional Development Workshops

I’m an expert at running creative and practical training and workshops on a range of topics.

There are some workshops I have run regularly such as: enhancing your personal brand; getting more creativity in your teams; storytelling and leadership, but I can also create workshops and training in conjunction with clients.



Please get in touch to discuss some ideas.


2 hours, one half day or full day

The workshop can be designed for senior management and leaders, mixed groups or those moving into leadership/ first team management role.



This workshop will focus on how we can use effective influencing tactics.

Influencing combines elements of negotiation/ effective communication/ proper listening and emotional intelligence.


Points covered include:

  • Taking a 360 view of influence

  • Making connections

  • Building  trust

  • Actions not words

  • Being assertive in the right way

  • Collaborating


The workshop uses practical exercise to align participants to the topic and practice the skills needed. It culminates in an extended role play in small groups using influencing skills experienced.



Half day or full day with bespoke meetings option included.

Aimed at future leaders/partners etc. Can also be used for groups in your organisation who might, traditionally, not been focused on PR opportunities.


Building your personal brand is an exercise in both storytelling, influencing and getting your message across. But it is also determining what you want those key messages to be.

This workshop will explore how to refine your key messages, how to deliver these professionally and in ways that are tied to performance and outcomes.


Topics covered include:

  • Define what you want your brand to be

  • Getting your message across succinctly 

  • Linking personal brand, team brand and organisation brand.


The workshop can be coupled with one on one bespoke personal branding coaching sessions for participants afterwards.



2 hours 


Globalization is one of the most significant driving forces for business in the 21stcentury. What does this mean for diversity initiatives, which may be driven by the understanding and cultural norms of wherever a company’s head office is located?


In this workshop we will take two scenarios which embody challenges that companies face in real life. 


In small groups we will use design thinking theories to brainstorm the issues raised and find ways to come up with practical solutions.

Clapping Audience


2 hours, 3 x 2 hours over three weeks or 1 full day 


This workshop looks at how organisations and teams can analyze and begin the journey to change their cultures.

The workshop can be focused onto particular aspects of culture such as collaboration or inclusion and diversity.

 It can be aimed at mixed level teams, leaders or peer groups.



Topics covered include:

  • History Mapping
    Creating a story of your organisation or team ‘s culture and identifying when changes have been made and  ways to make lasting changes in the future.

  • Team Canvas
    Looking at how interactions of individuals and their personal needs and values build up the culture and values of the wider teams and how to engineer these.

  • Building Purpose and Culture
    This is a brainstorming and. Interactive game session used to give ideas and tools for generating common purpose and cultural norms in a team.


Three week option will include tasks between sessions to report back on.



Half or full day

Aimed at existing leaders and new/future leaders.


Authenticity in leadership is increasingly seen as desirable. It’s about being yourself. But what if your sense of self doesn’t include seeing yourself as a leader?


Storytelling is a key means of connecting with others. It’s also a way that leaders can show their authenticity and humanity.

The workshop starts with a leadership self-assessment opportunity.

This helps people to reflect on the different dimensions of what skills and attitudes they need in order to be a good leader.


We move onto using narrative and storytelling techniques in a work context with the group story telling game. This allows participants to refine narrative techniques in relation to professional events.


We now blend the leadership topics with storytelling in a fun interactive exercise, which starts with an unexpected game!


This leads to the final part of the workshop where the group work in pairs to refine and deliver a story to the group which encapsulates their leadership style and delivers a message.

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