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Be the first to read this book and gain an edge over your competition

Business Thinking in Practice for In-house Counsel: Taking Your Seat at the Table takes a practical look at key concepts from influential business theory and illustrates how these are applicable to managing or working in an in-house legal department.


This 424 page hardback book covers topics including purpose, culture, talent and innovation, all of which intersect to provide the structure and framework for legal teams to create a competitive edge. 


Each chapter features an interview and case study with a general counsel and/or legal team to demonstrate how business concepts can be used in-house most effectively.


The book is packed with lots of real-life examples and makes essential reading for any general counsel or senior in-house lawyer seeking to develop their business skills and maximise their team’s success. It also features gems of insight from leading general counsel for those in private practice.

This is a must-read for any in-house counsel who wants to lead their department into the future. Catherine McGregor offers excellent insights and thought-provoking perspective about blending traditional business thinking with best in class in-house counsel practices. This book is an essential guide.

– Karen Dillon, former editor of Harvard Business Review

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