I work with law firms in ways to assist in understanding their clients.

This can range from client listening programmes to strategic audits of how their services align with the realities and needs of the modern legal department.

I also still engage as a freelance commentator and writer on subjects such as the future of the legal department; intersection of law and business; technology and the law and inclusion and diversity. 

I work part-time with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association as Editor-in-Chief of their Diversity and the Bar Magazine. MCCA is committed to the advancement of inclusion and diversity through the legal profession. To connect with me on this work, email me at catherine.mcgregor@mcca.com


I am a commentator and observer of the legal services market who is passionately interested in the development of the modern legal department. I investigate the practical and strategic challenges facing general counsel and their teams and use this information to share ideas and best practices amongst legal departments.  I also use these insights in  working with their legal service providers, generally law firms, to ensure their objectives are aligned.

I also work extensively in the field of inclusion and diversity and the law. My work in this field is similarly engaged in helping share best practice and achieve practical results and change.

About Catherine

I am passionately interested in the role of the client in determining the future of legal services. I developed GC Magazine  to focus on the intersection of business and management issues in relation to the role of the modern global general counsel. I am also a long-time advocate of diversity and inclusion in the law.